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“All art must be motivated by feeliing, otherwise why did you begin in the first place”

ritish artist Steve Goddard creates paintings, portraits and sculpture that shifts fluidly between abstraction and representation, focusing on the human condition as filtered by his own subjective take on the world. Weaving together multiple narratives, much of his work addresses themes of death, war and nostalgia: bringing together spliced sections of art history and reinterpreting them through the filter of his own life experiences.

Goddard began his artistic journey in his late teens as an illustrator and graphic designer, adhering to precision and functionality, despite his ongoing ambition to be a person that primarily draws and paints. In 1980, when deciding to become a freelance graphic designer, he decided to allow time to develop his drawing and painting. The importance of drawing and his natural affinity to line remains central to his work. His diverse oeuvre now encompasses painting, drawing as well as large-scale sculpture. Having developed his practice in his transition to artist, he proceeded to submit his work to competitions and from 1986-1992, Goddard’s works were selected by the Royal Academy of Arts, London, Royal Portrait Society and the National Portrait Gallery, to name a few, opening up his work to critical judgement and collectors.

Goddard would go on to win accolades and prizes such as being selected to show alongside David Hockney in a US exhibition in 1994, following his success in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in 1987 with the painting
The Nan Head. 
This work would eventually lead to a series of paintings, one of which he would produce as a commission for
the cover of Welsh rock band Stereophonics eighth studio album in 2013.
Since the beginning of his career, Goddard has attracted collectors from Ridley Scott to the Royal Family.